I am a music maker who lives and works in Montreal. Since 2004 I released 5 albums and 3 EPs under the moniker aKido. I score films/TV series, produce & mix for other recording artists and I also have worked in the music department for many projects.


Kim Gaboury a.k.a aKido is a Canadian composer, guitarist and record producer creating music on the edges of rock, electronic and electroacoustic genres. From blasting guitar riffs to ethereal sound textures, aKido has developed a versatile and distinct cinematically influenced style. With five albums under his belt, all released through NORDIQUE RECORDS, aKido has been receiving praise and support from an ever-increasing group of fans as well as nominations at ADISQ, GAMIQ and the INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS. 

Parallel to his work as aKido, Kim is a Candian Screen Award-nominated film music composer who has gained a solid and varied background composing and producing music for film and TV. In 2013 he created the score for director Julian Jone’s award-winning documentary-drama hybrid INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO starring Peter Capaldi. Other credits include Lea Pool's ET AU PIRE ON SE MARIERA, Andre Forcier’s COTEAU ROUGE, Cedric Kahn’s UNE VIE MEILLEURE and the animated series AU PAYS DES TETES A CLAQUES (KNUCKLEHEADS). Over the years he has also collaborated with recording artists as diverse as MILLIMETRIK, PAWA UP FIRST & WILL DRIVING WEST.

An autodidact, Kim began playing guitar around age 12, and played in indie rock bands (MAGMA DOGMA, ZOLOF) throughout his teenage years until his mid twenties, developing a strong interest in composition and cutting-edge production techniques. When a series of music projects fell apart, he took a 4-year break to focus on a graphic design career.

Aching to get back to making music full-time, he released his first solo record PLAYTIME in 2004 under the moniker aKido. Around the same time he began working on film music, growing under the mentorship of celebrated Canadian composer MICHEL CUSSON. Over the years the pair has collaborated on dozens of projects such a CAVALIA, THE ROCKET, DINOSAURS ALIVE IMAX. Their most recent collaborations includes the hit TV series UNITÉ 9.


AGENT: Denis Wolff @ Maisonnette Music